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Cyprus is a destination that offers a diverse range of experiences, from its rich cultural heritage to its stunning natural scenery.
Renting a vehicle in Cyprus can be an excellent method to discover the island's hidden beaches, remote villages, and off-the-beaten-path attractions at your leisurely pace.
However, finding the best car rental deals can be daunting, especially in a foreign country.
That's where comes in - a one-stop shop for all your car rental needs in Cyprus.

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How it works?

  • Search a car

    Search a car

    Select your travel dates and location. You will then see a list of available car rental options along with their prices, features and conditions.
    You can compare different options and choose the one that best suits your needs.

  • Book a car

    Book a car

    After choosing a rental car, you can book it by paying a small advance, which is the booking fee. The remaining balance must be paid upon collection of the vehicle and you will be required to present a valid driver's license.

  • Voucher


    Once your booking is confirmed, you will receive a voucher by email. You can follow the link and download the voucher. We will provide detailed instructions for picking up the car, including the location and contact details of the rental company.

Why us?

  • Reliability


    One of the benefits of using Secretal is that you have access to reliable local car rental companies. These companies offer a variety of cars, from budget options to luxury cars.
    You can choose a vehicle that suits your needs and budget and be sure it is in good condition.

  • Low deposits

    Low deposits

    Another advantage of using Secrental is the possibility of renting cars with a low deposit and no deposit. This feature can be useful for travelers who want to avoid large upfront costs.

  • Easy & Quickly

    Easy & Quickly

    To place an order, you only need to make a small advance payment. The rest of the payment is made upon receipt of the car keys.
    As for the payment procedure on the Secretal website, it is important to note that the platform is safe and secure. You can pay online with confidence knowing that your personal information is protected.


Exploring the Beautiful Island of Cyprus: Your Ultimate Guide to Traveling by Car

One of the most effective methods to explore the island is by renting a car, giving you the freedom and flexibility to discover all of the hidden gems Cyprus offers. With its picturesque villages, ancient ruins, and crystal-clear waters, Cyprus is a dream destination for any traveler looking for a truly unforgettable experience.
From the best destinations to visit safety tips and cultural experiences, Our aim is to assist you in maximizing your time on the island and crafting unforgettable memories that will endure forever.

Car Rental Monthly Statistics

Experienced tourists are advised to take care of renting a car in Cyprus in advance, online, since it is difficult to find suitable transport on the spot during the holiday season.

Best Time to Visit
Cyprus for a Road Trip

Cyprus is a year-round destination, but the best time to visit for a road trip largely depends on your preferences and priorities. Here's what you need to know:
Summer (June-August) - Summer is the peak season in Cyprus, with hot temperatures, crowded beaches, and higher prices. However, this is the perfect time to visit if you love the sun, sea, and sand.
Fall (September-November) - Fall is a great time to visit Cyprus for a road trip, with cooler temperatures, fewer crowds, and lower prices. This is also the best time to enjoy outdoor activities like hiking and biking.
Winter (December-February) - Winter in Cyprus is mild, with temperatures averaging around 16-18°C. While the beaches may not be as inviting, this is the perfect time to explore the island's historic sites and charming villages.
Spring (March-May) - Spring is another great time to visit Cyprus for a road trip, with pleasant temperatures, blooming wildflowers, and fewer crowds. This is also the best time to see the island's stunning almond and cherry blossoms.
Irrespective of the season you decide to visit Cyprus, there's always something to discover on a road trip.

Documents Required for Car Rental in the Cyprus

Before renting a car in Cyprus, it is imperative to keep certain requirements in mind. One such requirement is to possess a valid driver's license issued by your home country.

To rent a car in Cyprus, you need to be 21 and up and have a valid license that you have held for three years.
A small surcharge will apply to young drivers under the age of 25 as well as drivers over 70.

To rent a car in Cyprus, you need to be 21 and up and have a valid license that you have held for three years.
A small surcharge will apply to young drivers under the age of 25 as well as drivers over 70.

  • Driver's license
  • Passport
  • Voucher

The age of the driver is over 25 years and the driving experience is more than 3 years.

Driving in Cyprus: A Guide to Road Rules and Laws When Renting a Car

Renting a car in Cyprus can be a great way to explore this beautiful island. Still, it's important to know the road rules and laws to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip.
Always ensure you have the correct license and insurance before hitting the road, and be aware of the speed limits and other road rules. It is imperative to maintain your concentration on driving and abstain from any distractions like texting or using your phone while driving.
Adhering to road regulations and laws in Cyprus is vital for your safety, as well as for other drivers and pedestrians. It's also important to respect the environment and avoid driving in protected areas or on beaches.
Drivers in Cyprus are obligated to drive on the left-hand side of the road. Speed limits vary depending on the type of road, and it's important to adhere to them to avoid fines. On motorways, the limit is 100km/h, while on other roads, it's 80km/h. In residential areas, the speed limit drops to 50km/h. It's worth noting that these limits are strictly enforced, so keep an eye on your speedometer.
Next up, drink-driving laws. Cyprus has strict laws regarding drinking and driving, and the limit is just 22 micrograms of alcohol per 100 milliliters of breath. If caught driving under the influence, you could face fines, a driving ban, or even imprisonment.
Regarding seatbelt and child seat laws, drivers and passengers must always wear seatbelts. Children under 150 cm in height must use an appropriate child seat, and it's the driver's responsibility to ensure they do.
It is absolutely forbidden to use a mobile phone while operating a vehicle, and those who violate this regulation may be subjected to substantial fines.

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Popular questions

Find Answers to Your Car Rental Queries in Cyprus

  • What are the age requirements for renting a car in Cyprus?

    To rent a car in Cyprus, you must be at least 21 years old and have a valid driver's license that you have held for at least three years. A small additional fee will be applied to young drivers under 25 years old, as well as to drivers over 70 years old.

  • What is a rental voucher?

    Your rental voucher is your confirmation of car rental for a specific period under certain conditions. It contains all the important information, including the time, location for pick-up and drop-off, rental terms, contact details of the rental company, and the fixed total price in the local currency. Remember, when picking up the car, it is better to have the voucher with you in printed form or saved on a device.

  • When will I receive the voucher?

    The voucher will be sent via email after the rental company confirms your reservation for the chosen car.

  • Where can I download the voucher?

    The voucher will be sent via email after the booking is completed. You will be able to click on the link and download the voucher.

  • How long should I expect to wait for confirmation of my booking?

    In most cases, the booking is confirmed within a few hours, but sometimes it may take up to 24 hours. We request confirmation from the rental companies for each booking to avoid any technical issues upon pick-up.

  • If the rental company does not confirm the booking?

    If the rental company indicates that the requested car is not available for rental on the selected dates, we will contact you as soon as possible with alternative options. If none of them are suitable for you, we will cancel the booking at your request. The prepayment made with the card will be refunded within a period of up to 14 days (depending on your bank)

  • If the wrong flight number was provided during the booking or your flight has been rescheduled?

    If your flight number has changed or if you made an error in the provided information, you should provide the updated information as soon as possible. Please write to us at the email address: or contact the rental company directly.

  • Who provides the insurance?

    Insurance is always provided by the rental company.

  • What is TPL insurance?

    In case of a traffic accident company’s insurance covers damages suffered by the person whose car was hit by the renter’s car.

  • What does CDW include?

    CDW provides coverage for the expenses of repairing the rented car.
    CDW reduces your liability in case of an accident. Without it, you could be held responsible for the full cost of the rented car if it gets damaged or written off. With CDW, you won't have to pay the full repair cost but contribute up to the agreed level of repair.
    Exclusions: repair/replacement of windows and tires, as well as damages to the suspension, roof, interior, windows, and side mirrors.

  • What is Theft Protection?

    Theft Protection - provides protection against theft. It reduces legal liability in case of theft or damage caused as a result of an attempted theft or actual theft of the vehicle.

  • What does Full CDW insurance include?

    The full protection package includes exemption from liability for additional damages, such as broken or cracked windows, damage to the oil pan of the car, protects against damages to the suspension, roof, interior, windows, side mirrors, and more.

  • What is the difference between a deposit and the excess fee (franchise)?

    The excess fee (franchise) is the maximum amount of financial liability that the client has towards the rental company for damages or loss to the vehicle during the rental period.
    Essentially, it works like this: if the vehicle is damaged, the extent of the damage is assessed, and the renter is obligated to compensate for the damage, but only up to the amount of the deductible specified in the contract. The remaining amount is covered by the insurance company.
    On the other hand, a deposit is a refundable amount that the rental company may hold as a security measure. It serves to cover any additional charges that may arise during the rental, such as fuel costs, toll fees, or late return fees. The deposit is typically refunded to the client upon the safe return of the vehicle and settling any outstanding charges.
    A deposit (security deposit) is required when renting a car to cover potential fines and fees during your use of the vehicle. Rental companies request a deposit to reduce their own risks. The deposit may be withheld in cases such as: damage to the car, returning the vehicle with an empty tank, returning a dirty car, exceeding the agreed-upon return date specified in the contract, or violating other terms of the agreement. The amount of the deposit largely depends on the car class.

  • When is the deposit returned?

    If the car is returned in the same condition as it was rented, the deposit is fully refunded as stated in the contract. However, if the car is dirty or the fuel tank is not refilled, a certain amount may be deducted. Cash deposits are returned immediately upon the return of the vehicle.
    The duration of the funds' release depends directly on the client's bank.
    If the final amount on the account is not the full deposit, it is necessary to contact a company representative to determine the reason. It is possible that some damages or defects were identified during the inspection of the vehicle. It is worth noting that when renting a car, it is important to carefully inspect it and document any deficiencies.

  • What is a deductible?

    A deductible is the maximum amount of financial liability that the client has towards the rental company for damages or loss to the vehicle during the rental period.
    In practice, it works as follows: if the vehicle incurs damage, the extent of the damage is assessed, and the renter is obliged to compensate for the damage, but only up to the amount of the deductible specified in the contract. The remaining amount is covered by the insurance company.

  • How to cancel a reservation?

    Please write to us at the email address:

  • How can I modify a reservation before the start of the rental?

    Please email us at:
    We will check if the requested changes are possible and update your order. The final price may change. Please note that it may take up to 24 hours to process the changes.

  • What does «analogous» or «similar» mean?

    Some rental companies allow booking only a specific "category" of car, rather than a particular brand and model. These companies group different cars in their fleet as "analogous" or "similar," and one of them will be provided to the client in practice.