Discover the Best Car Rental Experience with Secrental - A Reliable Rental Company in Cyprus is an online service that helps travelers rent a car in the right city in minutes. We are focused on providing quality service in the field of local rentals and attract only proven local companies as partners. Regardless of the duration of rental and class of the selected car, you will be satisfied with the cooperation and will be able to organize your vacation in a best way.Unlike large international projects, our aggregator promotes local business and gives every tourist a chance to contribute to the development of the island, while receiving quality and affordable service. We know what different categories of travelers need and enable them to realize their dreams of a comfortable, exciting and safe holiday in Cyprus. 

The main principles of our work:

  • Honesty

    Careful selection of small companies in different cities of Cyprus. We offer the services of only those companies in which we are one hundred percent sure. Providing full and accurate information about the cars. On a site you will find detailed descriptions with characteristics and photos of particular cars which can be rented.

  • No hidden fees

    Transparent pricing mechanism and small deposit.We build trusting relationships with clients and do everything to make car rental not only convenient, but also cost-effective.

  • Easy and quickly.

    You can book a car for the desired date in 2-5 minutes, you just need to choose a vehicle among the proposed options in the desired city and fill out a simple form.

  • Service

    Maximum level of personalization.By contacting us, you can count on quick feedback and interaction directly with the owner of the local rental or his assistant.

Meet our team

  • Ivan Ivanovchenko

    Ivan Ivanovchenko

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  • Dmitry Ivanovchenko

    Dmitry Ivanovchenko

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  • Ivan Dmitriev

    Ivan Dmitriev

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